{If you want to skip the chit chat, the Stapelia Co. store is HERE.}

I opened The Stapelia Company back in 2008 as a way to market and sell my original artwork in galleries and online. Named for the Stapelia Gigantea (or "corpse flower"), my older work had a decidedly darker twist. Monsters, witches, circuses and haunted places were my usual fare and I found as I created these fun, kitschy, dark, funny things, people bought them. My characters and creations are all a bit cheeky and fresh and I like it that way! I guess other people do too, because my work hangs in galleries, private collections, tattoo parlors, baby nurseries, stores and homes all over the world.

Today, Stapelia products run the gamut from photography, to original illustration, to one-of-a-kind art pieces, to hand embroidered shirts for men and women with discerning taste, to who knows what next? I am always looking for the next creative challenge and my project list keeps growing. I'm thinking about custom painted motorcycle helmets next, because my bad ass babies need to ride on a bike. What do you think?

You may view original work currently for sale in my Stapelia Co. store HERE.
To see some of my past projects and sold artwork, click HERE.

I am also available for gallery shows, original illustrations & commissions.

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