{If you want to skip the chit chat, the STAG Vintage store is HERE.}

STAG Vintage Goods started like any other labor of love: totally by accident. Vintage men's items were being purchased and used during shoots for Jessica Beebe Photography and they had to go somewhere. So, on a lark, I listed a few items I'd used on shoots for sale and what do you know? People loved them!

Fast forward a few years and STAG is a booming part of my enterprise. I've sold and listed almost 1,000 items to people from all walks of life; from numerous Hollywood studios who have used my Stag items in movies and TV shows (including Disney), to the man in New York who fully restored a '57 Chevy and needed the perfect rearview mirror decoration (a plastic shrunken head). From the strapping young buck in San Francisco who needed the right dress vest to go with his father's tux, to the art director at Oscar Mayer who thought I had the best vintage cocktail picks to ever pierce a little smokey and used them in a print ad campaign, and the list goes on. 

But STAG Vintage Goods isn't just an online store, I also curate items for propping photo shoots, for decorating peoples' homes, and for styling photo shoots for clients. If you need top-quality, unique, hard-to-find items, give me a shout. I have access to a vast array of resources to find just about anything and I love a challenge!

So, get acquainted with my STORE, check out my page on STYLING to see vintage at work, or read up on CURATION and find out how I can hand select items for your next project. Then, drop me a line! thestapeliacompany@gmail.com

I'm here to make you look good.