Every person is unique. Every experience is special. Every product has a signature story that deserves to be told. This is where my styling starts: with a mind to capture the best. The best in a person, event, occasion or product.

How do I tell your story in a way that makes it breathtaking and powerful? By not just capturing a moment in time, but also by creating one. By realizing that the beauty is in the details and that each of those details deserves attention. By finding unique props, wardrobe, accessories and locations that give your images a beautiful twist. To this end, I opened Jessica Beebe Photography & Stag Vintage Goods so I would have in-house resources available to capture and outfit any project. Then I assembled the best team of assistants, costumers, hair and makeup professionals, seamstresses, classic car sellers, locations, venues and vintage sources to provide an exceptional, full-service styling experience. 

So, become familiar with my work by visiting my full portfolio HERE.
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And visit STAG VINTAGE to check my current vintage inventory for items you might want to add to your permanent collection for shoots or in-house styling.

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- Jessica